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Lookbook S17, Morganne Bello, Amélie Bonneau

Lookbook SS 17
Morganne Bello

January 2017

Morganne Bello Spring Summer 2017 collection is shown here in a sunny and mineral lookbook.
Set design by Charlotte Huguet
Photography by Marjolijn de Groot

Lookbook 2016, Maison Margiela, Amélie Bonneau

Maison Margiela 2016 Lookbook

November 2016

The Maison Margiela line Entre deux is introduced here in a lookbook that use codes of the House : embossing, white, stitching details.

Collection S17, Morganne Bello, Amélie Bonneau

Collection SS 17
Morganne Bello

October 2016

Morganne Bello Spring Summer 2017 collection founds its origin in the lightness, the transparency that belong to its semi-precious stones. This edition plays with these two levels of expression thanks to the tracing paper.

Lookbook 2016, Morganne Bello, Amélie Bonneau

Lookbook 2016
Morganne Bello

September 2016

Each Morganne Bello jewellery come from an unique stone full of energy. This lookbook lead us into the mysterious and precious universe of the stone.

Brandplatform Ginette NY, Amélie Bonneau

Ginette NY Brandplatform

April 2016

Ginette NY ? Ginette who ? This edition introduce the brand just like it is: architectural, urban, synthetic, as the exemple of gold rivets detail and mat black paper.

Lookbook Amélie Bonneau

Press Lookbook SS16

January 2016

American Vintage produces each season a Press version of his Lookbook to send to press agency. This version is a small one, created on the style of contact sheet to allow the reader to discover the entire collection at first sight.

Feuillet Amélie Bonneau

SS16 Introducing Sheets

Janvier 2016

American Vintage needed to introduce his new Spring Summer collection 2016 by a synthetic layout. This sheet is a selection of iconic campaign pictures.

Carte de voeux 2016 Amélie Bonneau

Best Wishes 2016

December 2015

American Vintage asked me to create this precious card made by hot gilding to share his best wishes for the 2016 year .

Active Amélie Bonneau


October 2015

Identity and variations on all media
for the clothes brand project Active. Monogram work around the letters A and V expressing the dynamics and lightness.

Co-branding American Vintage 10 ans

September 2015

American Vintage celebrated his 10th Anniversary by guesting 10 designers to create limited edition objects. This merchandising design show the creations on piedestal as rare object they are.

Pochette cadeau American Vintage Amélie Bonneau

American Vintage Gift Card

September 2015

Creation of a paper pouch welcoming the American Vintage's gift card. Marble motif is used back as in the rest of packaging assortiment, this time by embossing and offset printing.

Vue d'esposition Amélie Bonneau

Vue d'exposition

July 2015

In collaboration with students of the History and Criticism of the Arts Research Master's Degree of Rennes, this edition is an immersion into the photographic archives from 1960 to 1990. We exploited codes as monochasse typography, handwritten notes and cartouches to lead the reader back into archives of exhibition. Collaborative project made with Jacques Delon, Emmy Marchesse, Alizée Cormerais et Camille Deffrasnes sous l'impulsion
de Lilian Froger.

Mémoire Amélie Bonneau

Corps Corrigés

January 2015

This final dissertation deals with
the objectification and sexualization
of women in various media,
and consequences of such representations on young girls construction and discovery
of their pubescent bodies. This edition tends to upset women's magazine codes, and plays on the idea of mask, social uniform.

La tête dans
le ciel

July 2014

Identity and variations on several media
for an achitect specializing in development and elevation in Brussels. Climbing layout which refers to Belgian architecture.

Thought with Aurore Caberghs during
my internship in Codefrisko

Typographie Amélie Bonneau


March 2014

Thought for laser cutting, this typography
is defined by its fine cuts exploiting laser tools to its absolute. Unable to keep interior forms is here turned aside by curves which suggest its. Interlacing meets the rigorous geometry of the typeface, giving us an organic typeface, the Typelace. This project was exhibited in Print Museum of Nantes and has been published on several websites
as étapes: and Pixelcréation

Cartographie Amélie Bonneau

C O _ C _ _ _ ANCES

December 2013

Mapping is a quest, a search, an enigma.
But what is the purpose? And if the handling, given through this mapping experience concealed the true treasure.
Made by screen printing.

transmusicales Amélie Bonneau transmusicales Amélie Bonneau


October 2013

Known and recognized, it lacks one thing
to international music festival Transmusicales, a graphic identity.
This one reflects the musical universe
of course, but also the essence of this nocturnal appointment, its discovery.

Poster created from Processing 2.0b8

transmusicales Amélie Bonneau transmusicales Amélie Bonneau transmusicales Amélie Bonneau

Amélie Bonneau
Designer Graphique

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2008 / 2011
A-level Applied Arts
2011 / 2013
HNC Visual Communication
2013 / 2015
DSAA Graphic Design

After Effect
Font Lab

Maison Margiela / Ginette NY /
Zadig & Voltaire / Morganne Bello

June/December 2015
American Vintage, Marseille
June/July 2014
Codefrisko, Brussel
September 2014
Marc-Amaury Legrand, Paris
Internship, march 2014
Silkscreen, Seri B

In Design

Implied and involved, my graphic design stands out for an effective visual synthesis. Formed both in print and multimedia graphics, my works are meeting an editorial sensitivity and ubiquitous digital technology.

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